Kathryn Philpott is a commercial fashion photographer and photo retoucher based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota.  Her photography style exudes a natural, elegant feel as she strives to capture beauty through simplicity.  She has experience in portraiture, events, marketing, and product work -- but after graduating form Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in 2012, Kathryn found her raw passion was ignited most strongly in the world of fashion photography and retouching.  She enjoys applying stylish, high fashion techniques in all of her photographs.

After growing up lovingly committed to classical ballet, Kathryn has the eye not only for beauty but, more importantly, an eye for form.  This history helps her weave the two into a result that speaks to dancers on a ubiquitous level.  Consequently, Kathryn now photographs for a highly regarded dancewear store in St. Paul, MN; her images are advertised in-store, print advertisements, on the web, and in a national magazine.  She also now works extensively doing high end photo retouching - she loves working hard to help a photograph reach it's full potential.  Kathryn is devoted to her work and excels in making visions come to life.